Learning and Reporting Systems

Working with individuals and teams to learn from errors

We have a method of working with you that ensures everyone learns in a meaningful and helpful way from errors at work. Based on robust empirical research, our approach ensures that you not only learn and share learning, but are also able to innovate and develop your work from the experience.

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Coaching Network


The Coaching Network is part of grays commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility enabled through shared learning and collaboration.

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Developing Coaching Models for Health and Wellbeing

One of our research studies conducted during 2013 led to the development of a new wellbeing coaching model.  The model is simple to use and provides a high return on investment for individuals and organisations.

The successful study has been published in the International Journal of Coaching and Mentoring, the study researchers were Dr. Dee Gray, Dr. Ambra Burls and Marina Kogan. Dr. Dee Gray has gone on to develop the model specifically for wellbeing at work, which now forms the core of our bespoke resilience and wellbeing programmes.

You can download a report version of the study Health and Wellbeing Coaching Report here.

rhyl-city-strategy-logoOrganisational Development for SME’s: sustainable futures project


One of our Organisational Development projects with RCS (formerly Rhyl City Strategy), brought together start up and growth sector SME’s to collaborate as ‘The Business Alliance’. As the ‘Business Alliance’,  SME’s  harnessed benefits that larger organisations put into practice every day, and through coach training, were able to move forward with their business plans supported by highly motivated collaborative community. As ‘The Business Alliance’, ideas were generated,  knowledge shared, and sustainability achieved for SME’s in the long term.

You can find the published research from this project via this reference:

Gray, D., Jones. K. “Using Organisational Development and Learning methods to develop resilience for sustainable futures with SME’s and Micro Business’s: the case of the ‘Business Alliance’” in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. in press 2015

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logo_national_trustExecutive Coaching and Mentoring with the National Trust

grays is delivering a range of bespoke executive coaching and mentoring services to the National Trust in Wales.

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Facilitating stimulating conversations with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs

grays has contributed world cafe conversations that explore and celebrate peace across the globe.


 grays worked with Bangor University to identify innovative ways to develop the employability and employment of students through coaching.

grays is working with Forces Families, Conwy Council, Coach Connect CIC, Outreach Rescue, Communities First, Community Development Cymru, and Snowdonial National Park to develop a Forces Families Community transition programme. cic logoImage result for conwy councilImage result for communities first walesImage result for national park wales logo


grays is working with Conwy Council Community Covenant Team, SAFFA, RBL, MOD, BCUHBT, in North Wales to develop a Forces Families Community Transition Programme. grays has been given the bronze corporate covenant award by the Ministry of Defence.


Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board grays is working with Betsi Cadwallader University Health Board  “Future Hospitals” team, and with Betsi Cadwallader University Health Board Registrars and Consultants to develop wellbeing and resilience during times of workplace transition.

The research around this work was presented at the Medical Women’s Federation Conference in London, 2015.

grays is working the Royal College of Physicians to support the new ‘Future Hospital Teams’ deliver their projects.




We work with all sorts of organisations to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise. We incorporate creative approaches to knowledge development and knowledge sharing, this includes the use of  world cafes, action research and graphic illustration. We work to all size of budgets, and can deliver small bespoke pieces of work as well as designing and delivering substantial programmes and projects.
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